• December 21: Actor Yuval Zamir died at age 48.
  • July 15: An original Winnie-the-Pooh film based classic A.A. Milne stories, titled simply Winnie the Pooh, arrives in theaters.
  • June 3: Wally Boag passed away.
  • May 16: Winnie the Pooh: The Essential Guide and Winnie the Pooh: Ultimate Sticker Book are released by DK Publishing.
  • May 3: Reader's Digest releases two books: Fun With Pooh Bear Magnetic Buddy Storybook and Winnie the Pooh Take Along Tunes Storybook. Christopher Finch's Disney's Winnie the Pooh: A Celebration of the Silly Old Bear is rereleased in hardcover.
  • April 1: Studio Mouse releases the board book Pooh and the Seasons.
  • March 17: Three classic-style Pooh books, Piglet's Rainy Day, Pooh's Cleanup and Tigger's Tales are released.
  • February 14: Disney Channel's Playhouse Disney block is rebranded as Disney Junior.
  • January 4: A Winnie the Pooh Read-Along Storybook and CD is released
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