Adventure is a song performed by Pooh Bear in "Over the Hill", an episode from The Book of Pooh. In this episode, Pooh listens to Owl about the story of his uncle Waldo's adventure. Inspired by the story, Pooh sets out on an adventure. Piglet, on the other hand, will wait until Pooh returns. On the trip, Pooh sings the song. While Pooh has reached the hill, Pooh spins around chasing for a butterfly and accidentally comes back the way he'd come from, while thinking that he went down from the other side. He actually returned to the Hundred Acre Wood, but thought his friends were new people to meet. After finding out the truth, Pooh learns the old things can become new all over again, if you get to look at them in a different way.


It's time for adventure, I'm off on an adventure
I know it's out there waiting for a Pooh
I'm ready and I'm willing for a trip that's thrilling
Though I am not exactly sure what I should do
There are mountains calling and waters waterfalling
Now I just need to figure out the way
I'll run and hike and climb now
It's the perfect time for adventuring today!
And oh it's wonderful!
This feeling as I'm marching forth
But oh how botherful...
To never know which way is south and which is north
The world is inviting, and it seems so exciting
So Tally Ho! Or is it Tally hey?
The streams and rivers' flowing, so I must be going
Adventuring, adventuring
Adventuring today!
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