Andrew Painter started our as a trainee animator at Walt Disney Animation, working on Who Framed Roger Rabbit. He has since been an animator/director/character designer for major London-based commercial studios including Passion Pictures and Hibbert Ralph, where he has spent the past 10 years, progressing to become their main director/character designer. Much of Andrew’s work today is illustration, character design and story boarding. He recently collaborated with Amazing Spectacles, developing the characters on the Big Bad Wolf spot which fused 2D hand drawn animation with digital post techniques. (Source: Cartoonbrew) Andrew did some camera work for The Barn short for Bonfire Films in 2011 along with Freddie As FRO7 (Foodfight level bomb) in 1992 and The First Snow In Winter for Hibbert Ralph in 1998. He has been working with Amazing Spectacles since March of 2012.

He is Junior Animator of April Pooh on The New Adventures of Winnie the Pooh.

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