Barbara Ferro started work as floater for Norman Lear Production at around 1982 after moving from Wisconsin to Los Angeles. A floater was someone who did the little stuff around the set such as give drinks to the actor, assemble press kits and handling casting and PR relations (she worked with All In The Family as a floater). She left Norman Lear Productions in 1984 and worked as a Production Assistant at Marvel's cartoon television division working on such cartoons as Fraggle Rock (animated) and Muppet Babies. She left that job in 1988 to become one of the beginners of the Golden Age of Walt Disney Television Animation as an Assistant Producer of Ducktales and Winnie The Pooh among others. She stayed in that job until 2001 when she finally decided to leave and move back to Wisconsin to work for Karen Johnson Productions as Vice President of that company. That company designs multimedia products and was responsible for several Nancy Drew Personal Computer Games and also worked with Activision from 2008-2010. Since 2012; Barbara is working for Hanson Dodge Creative as Senior Project Manager.

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