"Blue Ribbon Bunny" is the first segment of the fifty-first episode of The Book of Pooh.


The gang surprises Rabbit with a gardening award and it goes to his head.


  • Rabbit: Well, you all know I was quite upset, but the more I thought about it, the more I realized what a... what a great honor it was to receive a ribbon from my closest friends. (The others all murmur agreement.)
  • Narrator: And that is the story of Rabbit's blue ribbon, in which he found the awards that mean the most are from the people that know you the best.
  • Rabbit: I've grown too big for this one-garden Wood. It's time I moved up to the majors and took my place among the greats of gardening.
  • Rabbit: They might be calling me at any second.
  • Eeyore: Who are "they"?
  • Rabbit(singing) Now that I'm important / I have better things to do / Than standing around here talking / To folks the likes of you.
  • Piglet: Hello, Rabbit.
  • Rabbit: Actually, I'd prefer it if you call me "Gardener of the Year."
  • Piglet: Gardener of the Year. Oh, won't Rabbit be surprised when he finds this blue ribbon on his doorstep?
  • Narrator: One morning in the Hundred Acre Wood, Rabbit had put out some of his delicious vegetables for the enjoyment of everyone else.
  • Pooh: You know, Piglet, we certainly are fortunate that Rabbit has such tasty vegetables.
  • Piglet: And he's so nice to share them with everyone. It seems like there should be some way to thank him.
  • Pooh: You mean besides eating them?
  • Piglet: Rabbit is getting too big for his britches, don't you think?
  • Pooh: I don't believe he wears any, Piglet.
  • Tigger: Okay, but what does this mean in terms of the easy chair?!
  • Eeyore: Maybe it's time to throw in the trowel!
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