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Displaying his Super Sleuth medallion

Buster is Darby's 3-year-old dog in the CGI-animated Pooh series My Friends Tigger & Pooh. Voiced by Dee Bradley Baker, he is a curious and inquisitive puppy who likes to yap loudly when he is either excited or on the scent of something. Buster is not of any recognized breed of dog and is likely a mutt.

Buster is part of the problem-solving group known as the Super Sleuths along with Darby, Pooh and Tigger. Though oftentimes he seems to be only tagging along, his nose and his curiosity have proven an asset in many of the groups' cases. Darby also loves him as a loyal companion who is fun to play with. Buster wears a red collar with a golden-colored medallion hanging off of it. When starting a case, he flips it to the other side to reveal the green question mark that is the emblem of the Sleuths.

Notable Buster Stories

  • "Buster's Ruff Day" - Buster leads the Sleuths to the Sleuther Siren, apparently trying to indicate a mystery, but the others are uncertain what the problem is.
  • "Buster's Bath" - The Sleuths have trouble getting Buster to take a bath after he gets muddy from chasing squirrels.
  • "Lumpy's Alvin Goes to Pieces" - Buster unwittingly shreds Lumpy's favorite stuffed toy, Alvin.
  • "Doggone Buster" - Roo and Lumpy take Buster to their secret fort to play, leading the Super Sleuths to think that he’s gone missing.
  • "Buster's Buried Treasure" - Buster has lost his Super Sleuth medallion.
  • "Sleuth Buster" - When Pooh, Tigger and Darby search for Pooh's honey in a dark cave, Buster is the only one who hears the Sleuther Siren.