The Counterfeit Toys are three toys that only appear in How Much is That Rabbit in the Window in The New Adventures of Winnie the Pooh, and just like their namesake, each of them resembles the counterfeit consumer goods of Winnie the Pooh, Piglet and Tigger.

The Counterfeits: (From Left to Right) Counterfeit Tigger, Counterfeit Pooh Ted and Counterfeit Piglet


The Counterfeits, Ted, Pinky and Vacuum Head have been within the town shop’s window for a very long time, and with no luck of any buyers. It isn't until Rabbit took their place in the window with a 'Special' tag that they became serious of wanting it as soon as the shop closes, for they see it as their long awaited ticket out of the shop. After a long chase, they managed to gain the tag, but resulted in a short fight among each other that lasted till morning, from which as they sat in the window, had ripped the tag equally in hopes of being bought by Christopher Robin. Though despite Rabbit no longer being in the window, and no longer having the tag. He was bought back by Christopher Robin with all the love he could give. In much to the counterfeits bewilderment. Before Rabbit left, he told them to keep their hopes up, as someday they too will be bought by someone. Believing so to Rabbit’s saying, they smarten themselves up and waited with the tag within the window.

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