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My Friends Tigger & Pooh


Chloe Grace Moretz

Darby with the sleuthing cap on.

Darby is the main protagonist and the hostess of My Friends Tigger & Pooh and one of only four to have appeared in every one of the stories, along with Pooh, Tigger and her dog Buster. She is a young, cute, feisty, bright, imaginative and beautiful 6-year-old red-headed girl, who is in charge of the Hundred Acre Wood and takes good care of Tigger, Pooh and the gang while her older friend, Christopher Robin, is away at college. She, along with those three has formed a group of Hundred Acre Wood problem-solvers known as the Super Sleuths, which she leads. When called to a Super Sleuth case, Darby always "slaps her cap," a bright blue cap featuring a yellow triangle containing a green question mark. Her usual outfit is a white shirt with a purple jumper and blue jeans. Darby considers Pooh, Tigger and everyone in the Hundred Acre Wood to be very good friends and will always try her best to help them and make them feel wanted. In addition to her cuteness and beauty, she is also known for being able to keep a cool head and approach a problem with logic and smart thinking when others may become frustrated. Darby is known to enjoy reading, often fantasy stories. They allow her to imagine other possibilities, though she notes that just because she likes reading about something doesn’t mean it’s necessarily something that she would want to try herself. Darby is generally aware of the presence of the viewers of the show and will often break the fourth wall to host the series And The Coolest Character.

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