Eeyore and Piglet, outside Eeyore's House.

Eeyore's House is a small house made entirely of sticks, just big enough for him to fit into. The house is always constructed in the same fashion, a sort of tepee style, but without any sturdiness, it constantly gets knocked over.

In The House at Pooh Corner, this house was situated in area that was named Pooh Corner and was renamed as "Pooh & Piglet Corner" in Piglet's Big Movie. Due to its always being knocked over, however, this house has since shifted to any of a number of locations.

In The Book of Pooh, it was located in an area surrounded by swampland, but Rabbit was sure that the swampland was making Eeyore too gloomy. He suggested that Eeyore move it, but when it continued to get knocked over, he decided to place it in the Scary Woods.

In the original Kingdom Hearts game, Eeyore's house was located in a hilly area that had a river winding through it. Pooh landed on Eeyore's House and toppled it when Sora sent him flying using a swing, but in the process, Eeyore's missing tail was discovered.

In the book Eeyore's Lucky Day, Eeyore's house is located in an area known as the Gloomy Place, nearby a stream. It gets knocked down by wind, but his friends help him rebuild it, complete with a sign, and they also add a sign by the stream reading "Carefull! Stickey Mud!"

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