Eeyore's Lucky Day

Eeyore's Lucky Day is Volume 15 of 18 in the Out & About With Pooh series. Published in 1996, the book was written by Ann Braybrooks and illustrated by the company Arkadia Illustration Ltd., ISBN 1-885222-69-6.

One day, things go wrong for Eeyore from the moment the sun comes up. A gust of wind whips through the Gloomy Place and blows down his house, then he gets stuck in some mud in a stream. Pooh pulls him out and asks if he's all right, but Eeyore tells him that he's having a lot of bad luck. Pooh tells him he knows a way to change his luck and leads him to some clovers, telling him to find one with four leaves. Eeyore can't find any and Pooh goes to talk to Christopher Robin. Soon everyone in the Wood begins to look for clovers for Eeyore, but in the end, Eeyore discovers something better.