Goodbye for Now is the closing theme song for The Book of Pooh. It is performed by the cast and was written by Brian Woodbury and Mitchell Kriegman. In the song, the characters sing a goodbye to the viewers and about adventures that they will have the next time they come into The Book of Pooh. It is also known as Now It's Time To close The book. Pooh enters Christopher’s room and then his friends come and sing. When they are done singing, they jump back into the book.

Pooh and Piglet's silhouettes in the book, showing them going home.

The song has two forms, the original version and a shortened version. The original version was used on the initial broadcasts of the program and on all home video releases. The shortened version was used once educational recaps were added to the end of each episode. The original version is featured as the final track on the album Songs from The Book of Pooh and The Book of Pooh: Musical Original Songs, but is altered so that the cast performs the later verses, rather than a male chorus, as on the program. The shortened version was featured as Track eleven on the original Playhouse Disney album release.

An instrumental-only version of the song can be heard at the end of Stories from the Heart, as this release ends with Christopher Robin telling a story to the characters.


Pooh: Now’s the time to close the book

Piglet: Though we’ve just begun, it's true
Tigger: We’ll say goodbye until another day
Pooh and Piglet: Another day with new adventures on the way
Tigger: They’re on the way
Pooh and Piglet: We're on our way

All: So off we go, we won't be far, we'll be waiting here for you.

Pooh: With hills to run

Tigger: And higher trees to climb

Piglet: And someone there to catch you
All: In the nick of time

So it's goodbye for now

Eeyore: Goodbye

All: To all of you

Eeyore: To you

All: We'll meet again when you all come

First Off-screen Chorus: Into the Book of Pooh

All: So it's goodbye for now

Second Off-screen Chorus: Goodbye for now

All: To all of you

Second Off-screen Chorus: To all of you

All: We'll meet again when you all come

Pooh and Piglet: Into the Book of Pooh

Third Off-screen Chorus: From here among all the best of friends, here where the story never ends

Back in the Hundred Acre Wood

(Christopher Robin: Mom, I'm home!)

Here in the Book of Pooh

Back in the Hundred Acre Wood, here in the Book of Pooh



Book Of Pooh (Closing Theme)

English Full Version


Disney's The Book of Pooh - Goodbye for Now (German Full Version)

German Full Version


Sample of the instrumental theme

Sample of the vocal theme