The Heffalump Movie is a movie created by the Walt Disney Corporation and released on February 11th, 2005.



Winnie the Pooh and his friends have woken up due to an obnoxious noise. They suspect that it is a Heffalump and decide to go looking for one. Naturally, Roo wants to join them but his overprotective mother Kanga will not allow him to.

Everyone starts to prepare for Heffalump hunting, with Piglet bringing purple jellybeans and Eeyore bringing a grandfather clock. Rabbit wears a frying pan on his head.

Unbeknowst to his mother, Roo goes to The Hundred Acre Wood. He brings a backpack containing an apple and a sandwich. He goes near a shed but is afraid to enter. He slides his apple under the crack. The core rolls back. He asks who is in the shed. The thing in the shed tells him not to be scared. He enters and meets Lumpy. They introduce themselves to each other, roll down a hill, and jump in the river.

Tigger is sitting on a log searching for a Heffalump. There is something on his binoculars that he cannot remove. He gets help from Pooh and finally removes it.

Rabbit wields the blueprint for the Heffalump trap. It is a complex trap involving several chain reactions that lead to a cage falling down. He orders his friends to build it.

Lumpy wants to meet Roo’s friends. Roo states that they are busy. So he and Lumpy explore the houses of Pooh and his friends. Lumpy breaks Pooh’s honeypots and eats honey. Roo and Lumpy destroy Rabbit's Garden.

Lumpy accidentally gets caught in the Heffalump trap. Lumpy’s mother is stuck in a pile of fallen branches. Pooh and his friends save her and learn that Heffalumps aren’t bad. The opening credits show scenes of Pooh and his friends having fun with Lumpy and his mom.