Ken Tsumura was a graduate at the University of South California with B.A. degrees in both Cinema/Television and East Asian Languages and Cultures. Early in his career he worked for Walt Disney Television Animation in 1987 working on Ducktales and Gummi Bears on Post-Production before moving up the ranks to Assistant Producer and Overseas Production Coordinator in Winnie The Pooh and then all the way up to Associate Producer for TaleSpin. He left Disney suddenly in mid-production to work for the creators of the Simpsons as a Co-Animation Producer for a while and then worked on the Critic afterwards. He also worked on the music video "Do the Bartman" a video about Bart Simpson's school concert turned ugly. He returned in 2000 to work with Dreamworks Home Video to produce Joseph- King of Dreams and The Prince of Egypt (as a Supervising Production Manager) and then finally worked on his first full-length animated feature as an executive producer for Eight Crazy Nights written by Adam Sandler. Most recently Senior VP, Production & Technology, at Canada's Mainframe Entertainment, Ken Tsumura's production credits include Curious George (executive producer), Father of the (producer) and Adam Sandler's Eight Crazy Nights (executive producer). During the past 22 years, Tsumura has worked on projects at such prominent companies as Animation, Walt Disney Animation, Gracie Films and then He returned to Disney working on the Disney/PIXAR OAV, Planes.

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