Mind Over Matter is a song from The Many Adventures Of Winnie The Pooh. And in which, when Rabbit was beginning to think that he may never be able to use his front door again, he mistakenly pushed Pooh a little bit, which caused him to budge. So Rabbit called Christopher Robin; then he and the others tried to pull Pooh out of Rabbit's door before Rabbit pushed him through it, which made Pooh free.

Mind Over Matter


All: Hooray for you

Hooray for me

Hooray, hooray

The Pooh will soon be free

Pum pa-rum

Pa-rum pa-rum pa-rum

Now the time has come for proving

What the diet did to Pooh

And since we pledged

He'd be unwedged

That's what we're going to do

He'll be pulled and he'll be tugged

And eventually unplugged

We'll have a tug of war

To open Rabbit's door

Think heave-ish; think ho-ish

And out the Pooh will go-ish

For mind over matter has made the Pooh un-fatter (Pop)

Gopher: (Spoken) Aaaaaaaaaah! (Thud) Oof!

All: Heave! Ho!

Heave! Ho!

Heave! Heave! Heave! Heave!

Heeeeeeeeave...! (Pop)

Rabbit: (Spoken) Uh! Uh! There he goes!