"Once Upon a Happy Ending" is the second segment of the twenty-eighth episode of The Book of Pooh.


Mr. Narrator accidentally skips to the end of the story where we find Tigger stuck in a tree. In search for answers, he goes back to the beginning to find Tigger diligently chasing an acorn around the Hundred Acre Wood for Piglet.


Directed by

Mitchell Kriegman

Written by

Claudia Silver

Story Editor

Andy Yerkes

Produced by

Robin Seidon


Jennifer Barnhart Eric Jacobson

Ron Binion Lara MacLean

Matthew Brooks Noel MacNeal

Tyler Bunch Amanda Maddock

Eric Englehardt Paul McGinnis

James Godwin John Pavlik

BJ Guyer Robin Walsh

Character Voices

Jeff Bennett Nikita Hopkins

Peter Cullen Roger L. Jackson

Stephanie D’Abruzzo Ken Sansom

John Fiedler Kath Soucie

Andre Stojka


Jim Cummings

as the Voices of Winnie the Pooh and Tigger

Christopher Robin

Paul Tiesler

Dialogue Director

Ginny McSwain

Virtual Sets by

Entertainment Design Workshop


Shadow Digital

VSET CG Supervisor

Paul Lacombe

Puppets Designed and Built by

Shadow Character Design

Puppet Stylists

Mary Brehmer

Matthew Brooks

Manju Shandler

Mari Tobita

Associate Director

Dean Gordon

Production Designers

Cabot McMullen

Chris Renaud

Art Director

David Ellis

Editor/Post Producer

Erica Levin

Production Accountant

Joyce Hsieh

Associate Producer

James Sabatini

Supervising Music Producer

Brian Woodbury

Score by

Julian Harris

Audio Supervisor

Matthew Galkin

Technical Director

Tom Guadarrama

Director of Photography

Aaron Medick


Kevin Burke

Larry Solomon

Script Supervisor

Chris Hoey

Production Manager

Chris Savage

Stage Manager

Adam Matalon

Script Coordinator

Ajamu Walker

Continuity Coordinator

Kim DeLise

Digital EFX Supervisor

Lawrence Littleton

Audio Editor

Ray Palagy

Audio Mixer

Danny Caccvo

Post Production Coordinator

Nicole J. Kouveras

Assistant Camera Key Grip

Cris Trova Chris Dino

Property Master

Video Engineer Bill DePaolo

Tom Guadarrama

Scenic Artist

Audio Cindy Gnazzo

Peter Hefter

Joe West Puppet Wranglers

Todd Casper Hargreaves

Gaffer Michelle Hickey

Marc Labatte Anney McKilligan

Songs by

"Everyone Knows He's Winnie the Pooh"

Brian Woodbury


Sean Hartley

"Friends to the End"

James Lavino & Matthew Galkin

"Goodbye for Now"

Brian Woodbury & Mitchell Kriegman

Curriculum Consultants

Harvard Graduate School of Education

Stacy Grossman, Ed.M.

Kiki Donis, M.A.

Tina Grotzer, Ed.D.

Based Upon Characters by

A.A. Milne

Executive Producer

Mitchell Kriegman

©MMI Disney Enterprises, Inc.

All Rights Reserved