Pooh sings to the bees.

Pooh's Lullabee is a song written by the Sherman Brothers and featured in the 2000 feature film The Tigger Movie. While Pooh, Piglet and Eeyore are looking for Tigger's family in the Hundred Acre Woods, Pooh makes a stop to climb a tree and try to get some honey. After getting stung by a bee, he decides to sing a lullaby to put the grumpy insects to sleep, so he can steal their honey. Pooh succeeds, but the bees have been woken up by Piglet when he too climbs the tree to see if everything is OK with Pooh, resulting in a swarm of angry bees chasing Pooh, Piglet and Eeyore.


Pooh: If only these bees were a bit less busy.Perhaps I would hum a soothing sort of song to them, like such. Lullabee, lullabee

Honey bees in the tree

Rest your wings 'til the morning light

Lullabee, lullabee

Honey bees in the tree

Your honey is safe tonight

Just dream to the tune I am singing

Time to stop all that buzzing and stinging-ouch

Lullabee, lullabee

Honey bees in the tree

All I want is a smackerel or two...(or three)

Don't' sleep lightly, sleep very tightly

Happy slumbers to you

Piglet: Pooh's been up in that tree for an awfully long time don't you think?

Eeyore: Well most likely he's stuck been known to happen.

Piglet: Oh dear well then I'd better climb up and see if he's all right.