Sniffily Sniff is a song from "Winnie the Pooh: Springtime with Roo". 

Snifilly Sniff


Sniffly sniff, whistily wheeze. Here it comes a great big sneeze. I feel it in my earsand knees. Here it comes a great big sneeze. I close my eyes and wiggle my nose. I itch and scrunch my face. I shiver and shake down to my toes. And wave my arms all over the place. 

Oh, my goodness! Sniffley-sniff Whistley-wheeze Here it comes A great big sneeze I feel it in My ears and knees

Here it comes A great... Big... Ohhhhh!! ddddearrr!! Better hang onto something! I think he's going to blow! Aaaaahhhhhccchhhhoooo!!!