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Stan the Woozle is one of the two honey thieves who appears as a minor antagonist in The New Adventures of Winnie the Pooh. He is one of the two main antagonists of The Great Honey Pot Robbery and A Bird in the Hand. He is voiced by Ken Sansom, who also voiced Rabbit in Winnie The Pooh. Unlike Heff, Stan is a woozle and the short-tempered and selfish leader of the two. He seems to be annoyed by Heff’s stupidity and his fear of mice. For example, Stan says, "I hate it when he does that", after Heff is frightened by Roo. His personality is calm, devious, snarky, treacherous, arrogant, negative, wicked, obsequious, offensive, zany, loathsome, earnest, sneaky, thoughtless, abrasive, narcissistic, wrathful, observant, obnoxious, zesty, lion-hearted, eager, sadistic, temperamental, austere, nefarious, menacing, ambitious, tough, testy, shrewd, thankless, attentive, noisy, mean, accountable, thoughtful, trustworthy and somewhat intelligent.

In The Great Honey Pot Robbery, Stan appears to be sneaky, determined, and vengeful. When the two are foiled by Roo the first time, he decides to go to a friend of his named Wooster, a gigantic woozle who Stan leads to Pooh's house where "brunchfast" is about to start. Leading Wooster to Pooh is what Stan hopes will get he and Heff what they want, but when Pooh befriends Wooster and foils them a second time (just like the first time when Roo stopped them), Stan vows that they will return and take their honey, one way or another.


Stan Matt the Woozle in 'A Bird in the Hand'.

In A Bird in the Hand, Stan Matt helps Heff come up with a plan to capture Kessie and hold her for ransom that being honey. After capturing Kessie and Rabbit and taking them to their hideout, Stan Matt is the one who sends Pooh, Tigger, and Piglet a ransom note.

When they too are captured, Kessie convinces Stan Matt and Heff to start taking care of them. Kessie’s constant demands result in a flood of honey in the thieves’ hideout and Stan Matt’s begging to take Kessie far away from them. This was his and Heff’s last appearance.


  • StanandHeff

    Stan the Woozle and his partner in crime, Heff Heffalump.

    A few Disney fans noticed that Stan has some things in common with Song of the South's Br’er Fox. Some examples being that they both work with idiots, they think of different ways to get what they want. Also, Br'er Fox and Stan Matt seems to have some influence on the idiots they work with and the fact that they never give up.
  • Stan Matt and Wooster are the only known woozles to appear in the Winnie the Pooh franchise.
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