The Book of Pooh- Stories from the Heart
The Book of Pooh: Stories from the Heart is a direct-to-video film of The Book of Pooh first released on VHS and DVD on July 17th 2001. It contains six episodes, each focusing on one character, wrapped together by a loose plot in which the characters are in the live-action tour of Christopher Robin's bedroom waiting for his arrival. As is typical with the series, each episode features an original musical number.


In this compilation, Pooh, Piglet and Tigger literally pop out for the surprise of the Book of Pooh into the live-action tour of Christopher Robin's bedroom for a surprise, but they didn't find Christopher there. Tigger decides to search for Christopher's journal, in hopes of finding out where he's gone, but accidentally ends up by making a real mess. While they're trying to clean up the bedroom, Piglet notices that Christopher Robin had marked some chapters of the Book of Pooh with special bookmarks, featuring each of his friends as preschoolers' hosts. As the story continues, Rabbit, Kessie and Eeyore each show up too. One by one, the characters ask Mr. Narrator to read the book's stories for them, leading to the following episodes:

At the end, Pooh and his friends clean up the accidental mess they've made. Christopher Robin gets in and says that a journal is something you write about things that happen in, but only after they've happened.




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