The Masked Offender
Season 1, Episode 14a
The Masked Offender
Production Information

Karl Geurs
Terence Harrison (Animation Director)


Mark Zaslove (story)
Carter Crocker (teleplay)

Prod code



January 1, 1989

Episode Chronology

Trap as Trap Can


Things That Go Piglet in the Night

The Masked Offender is the first segment of the fourteenth episode of the first season episode of The New Adventures of Winnie the Pooh. It originally aired on January 1, 1989.


After reading one of Christopher Robin’s mystery novels, Tigger creates an alter ego, a mysterious figure who fights for justice: the Masked Offender. However, the Offender’s acts end up causing more trouble than help.


This article/section features spoilers. Continue reading at your own risk.
After Tigger hears a bedtime story from Christopher Robin, he becomes the Masked Offender from the book and makes Piglet his sidekick. They go out to fight crime. But Tigger ends up messing things up. First he beats up Rabbit's scarecrow because Tigger thought that the scarecrow was a bad guy (which also making it safe for the crows to eat up Rabbit's garden), then Tigger fills up Gopher's hole because he believes that Gopher's house will be flooded from the rain if it’s filled with holes, and then he chopped down Owl's House because he believes that it’s too high up (thinking the tree grew under it) and that if Owl sleep walks outside of his house he might fall to the ground and bend his beak.

Everyone in the Hundred Acre Wood is mad at Tigger (except for Pooh and Piglet) and they all plan to teach The Masked Offender a lesson. They all created a monster out of glue and molasses which also naming it the Watchamadingle, and luring Tigger to it. Piglet tried to stop Tigger, but it was too late. Tigger tries to fight the big Watchamadingle, but ends up in a sticky situation. Their plan succeeded and Rabbit, Owl, and Gopher laugh at Tigger and hurt his feelings. Tigger, who feels defeated, hurt, and humiliated, pulls off his costume and also revealing himself to everyone, and he begins to walk back to Piglet’s house vowing to never be the Masked Offender again. But when Rabbit, Owl, Pooh, and Gopher got stuck with the Watchamadingle after Pooh’s failed attempt to receive his pot, catch hanging on the bridge and is about to fall down to a gorge, Piglet tries to get Tigger to go out and rescue them, but Tigger is still upset about his humiliation and refuses to help. With no other choice, Piglet tries to help them himself, but got stuck with the others. Tigger finally gives in and goes out to help them, but he got stuck with the others as well. The Watchamadingle falls and is about to send everyone to their doom, but it bounces right up, due to that Tigger realizes that the Watchamadingle can bounce.

The next day Tigger fixes Owl's House, but when he accidentally threw the hammer, it hits the tree which causes Owl's House to loosen and making it fall down again. Everyone notices the house and begins to run away but Tigger doesn't. Tigger puts the suit back on, and says that “you never know where there be a call for the Masked Offender”. When the tree is about to fall on him, the show turns into a book that shows part of a story that says The End, and then the book closes.



Voice actor Character
Jim Cummings Winnie the Pooh
John Fiedler Piglet
Paul Winchell Tigger
Ken Sansom Rabbit
Michael Gough Gopher
Hal Smith Owl
Tim Hoskins Christopher Robin


  • Pooh -“Umm, excuse me Owl, were you planning on moving?” 
  • Owl - “No, Pooh.” 
  • Pooh - “Then why are we?” (Pooh, Owl, the table, and the cupboard slide across the room and Owl's House eventually falls down). 
  • Rabbit - “And then on top of that, he fed my garden to the crows!”
  • Owl - “He destroyed my home.”
  • Gopher - “Yeah, mine too.”
  • Piglet: (runs back to his house) TIGGER! Tigger, come quickly! The others are in danger! It's a job for the Masked Offender!
  • Tigger: (from the other side) Sorry, pal. Nothin' doing.
  • Piglet: But, we need you...
  • Tigger: Well , if anybody needs me which I doubt, I'll be in here the rest of my life....if not longer.
  • Piglet: Well, they're our friends and I'm going to help. Uh, P-Piglet.....AWAY!!! (slams the door behind him)
  • Tigger: (realizing this could mean danger, as Piglet is too small for this situation) Piglet away?! Uh-oh...!
  • Tigger: Well, what do you know? Whatchamadingles bounce!
  • Rabbit: Help! It's hideous! It's coming towards me!
  • Gopher: It's as big as a house!
  • Owl: It's a watchamadingle!
  • Pooh: We're supposed to be running so that we'd get your attention.
  • Rabbit: He's so scared he doesn't know what to say!



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