The Way It Must Be Done is a song from "Winnie the Pooh: Springtime with Roo". The song deals with how Rabbit teaches Roo to make Easter eggs and Easter baskets.

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[[[Rabbit]]] For our yearly Easter fun, we use the checklist, number one, we get the eggs and then we’ll lay them out like so. Number two, we color them, then dye them, and we take them out then dry them and we line them up precisely in a row. Next we stack them and we pack them, make a list so we can track them, tie the ribbons, stuff the baskets when it’s done Then we count them out precisely and we decorate them nicely And when all of that is finished, we’ll have fun.

‘Cause that’s the way it must be done See from step one, see that’s how we win We have to be aware to start to prepare To commence, to get ready, to begin! Oh dear.

Now shall we get to work?

Tigger: Ohh! Me first!

Rabbit: Very well. I have all the jobs assigned here on my clipboard.

Tigger: I’ll take this one.

Piglet: I’ll do the baskets.

Rabbit: Wait a minute.

[Tigger] I’ll paint this red!

[Rabbit] No, paint it blue.

[Roo] I’ll take this end!

[Rabbit] No, that’s for Pooh.

[Pooh] I’ll use this brush!

[Rabbit] That’s not for you!

[Piglet] I’ll tie the bow!

[Rabbit] No, that’s for Roo.

[Eeyore] What do you want me to do?

[Rabbit] You'll take the scissors and the glue.

[Tigger] How about we’ll paint this something new like maybe stripes?

[Piglet] Me too!

[Rabbit] No, no, no, no! Stop having fun. We have to systemize, prioritize, coordinate and organize, Or else, we’ll never ever get this done! We need order, concentration This situation needs focus, control We’re painting and drying and packing and tying  Get together, or we’ll never reach the goal!

[Tigger] I’ll paint this red…

[Rabbit] We need order

[Tigger] …or maybe blue!

[Rabbit] Concentration

[Pooh] I’ll stuff the baskets.

[Rabbit] This situation's

[Piglet] I’ll dry these two.

[Rabbit] Out of control!

[Roo] I’ll tie the ribbons.

[Rabbit] Painting, drying

[Eeyore] I’ll write the card.

[Rabbit] Packing, tying

TIGGER: We can do it! Nothing to it!

ROO: Look at us! We’re almost through it!

(others clamoring)

RABBIT: You’re not doing it right! Hold on! STOP........!