Pooh and Piglet, Thinking

Pooh & Piglet Think, Think, Think

Think, Think, Think is a phrase often uttered by Winnie the Pooh when he faces a puzzling problem. It is usually accompanied by him sitting down and much head-scratching. A variation on the phrase, "Think, think. Think, think," was the first thing that Sora ever heard Pooh saying when he encountered him in the Hundred Acre Wood in Kingdom Hearts.

Think, Think, Think is a phrase that has passed in to somewhat common use in the Wood and is sometimes used by other characters. Pooh and Piglet performed a song by this title when they were lost in the Scary Woods in The Book of Pooh. The phrase was also adopted for a song regularly performed by the Super Sleuths in My Friends Tigger & Pooh to help get their brain-juices flowing to solve cases.