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"Why, that's what tiggers do best!"

Tigger is an ironic, mischievous, energetic tiger originally introduced in A.A. Milne’s book The House at Pooh Corner. Like other Pooh characters, Tigger is based one of Christopher Robin Milne’s favorite stuffed animals.

Tigger is recognized as orange fur with black stripes, large eyes, a long chin, a springy tail, and his bouncy personality (Both literally and Figgeratively). His striped tail is long and can make a "Boing!" sound.

He shows up on Winnie-the-Pooh’s doorstep in the middle of the night. He cannot eat Pooh’s honey, Piglet’s acorns and Eeyore’s thistles. He went to Kanga’s house, Tigger is loved extract of malt. Tigger loves bouncing around the forest. He is Pooh's exuberant, bouncy friend. He is also Roo’s closest friend. He has relatives like Lily The Tigger, Tigger's mom, Jerry The Tigger, Yellow Tigger, Tiggerosaurus Rex.

He has been voiced by the late Paul Winchell, the late Will Ryan, the late Ed Gilbert, the late Sam Edwards. Today Tigger is voiced by Jim Cummings.



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Original E. H. Shepard illustration, of Pooh meeting Tigger outside his front door in The House at Pooh Corner.

In the Disney Pooh productions, Tigger often likes to refer to his friends by various nicknames, which include the following:

  • Pooh - Buddy Bear, Pooh Boy, Buddy Boy, Fuzzy-Top, Fluff Boy
  • Eeyore - Donkey Boy, Gray Buddy, Buddy Burro, Old Smiley
  • Kanga - Mrs. Kanga Mam
  • Gopher - Go-Go, Gopherini, Gopherino
  • Kessie - Kesserini, Kesserino
  • Roo - Roo Boy, Little Buddy, Little Nipper
  • Owl - Beak Lips, Buddy Bird, Feathers, Featherduster
  • Piglet - Piglet Ol’ Pal, Pigcasso, Pigaletto, Buddy Boy, Little Guy
  • Rabbit - Bunny Boy, Long Ears, RaRa, Fluffy Tail, Floppy Toe, Floppy Ears, Fluff Face, Ol’ Cotton Bottom, Fluffy, Captain Fuzz Face
  • Darby - Dar-buddy, Dar-Dar, Darberina
  • Turtle - Shell Boy
  • Lumpy - Lumpster, Lumperino
  • Buster - Busterino, Buster Boy, Little Poochie Guy

(Boldface indicates that the nickname is mentioned in Tigger’s entry in the Disney Junior Encyclopedia of Animated Characters.)


  • In Arabic, Tigger is known as نمور or Namoor in English letters.
  • In Brazil and Portugal, Tigger is known as Tigrão. In the Portuguese dub, Tigger’s been voiced by Isaac Bardavid in all his appearances, except for some episodes of The New Adventures of Winnie the Pooh in which he was voiced by André Luiz Chapéu.
  • In Dutch, Tigger is known as Neigetje. Not to be confused with the real animal "tijger".
    • Neigetje is written without an R, but pronounced with an R. This is confusing, even for the children in Dutch.
  • In France and some parts of Canada, the character's name is Tigrou and his voice was provided by Patrick Préjean in all Pooh productions.
  • In Spain, Andorra and Latin America, Tigger is known as Tigre, the most weird is that is the real name of the animal.
  • In Italy, Tigger is known as Tigro and has been voiced by Gil Baroni and Luca Biagini
  • In Japan, Tigger is called ティガー and his voice is provided by Tesshō Genda
  • In Russian, Tigger is known as Тигрa. His species is called Тигр, a word of Tiger animal.

Casting History

Paul Winchell: From Winnie the Pooh and the Blustery Day (1968) through 1979; from 1980 through March 2, 1990 (and occasionally since 1991-1999) From Winnie the Pooh and Christmas Too (1991) through A Valentine for You (1999)
Will Ryan: Only on Welcome to Pooh Corner (1983-1986)
Ed Gilbert on Disney Records
Sam Edwards
Jim Cummings: From January 1, 1989 and so on to present.



  • In Randy Pausch's The Last Lecture: Really Achieving Your Childhood Dreams, he asks whether one should live their life as a Tigger or as an Eeyore. Pausch indicated that he was a "Tigger".
  • Tigger appears in four segments of the Cartoon Network show MAD: "Pooh Grit", "Fast Hive", "Adjustment Burro", and "Frankenwinnie".
  • The Genie briefly turns into Tigger in the Aladdin episode "As the Netherworld Turns".