Tigger remodeling his house (The Tigger Movie)

  • Tigger's house is a location in the Hundred Acre Wood, and is an exclusive location in the Disney version as in the original book Tigger lived with Kanga and Roo. While the exact location is unknown, it is shown to be located southwest from Pooh's house according to Winnie the Pooh's Rumbly Tumbly Adventure. Like Owl's house, it is located up in the tree, though not as high as the former.

The entire House doesn't contain much furniture except for drawers and a chimney. Tigger sleeps in a hammock and has multiple posters hidden in his house. His closet is stuffed with junk.

The house had gone under remodeling by Tigger during the event of The Tigger Movie to accommodate his "family"'s visit.