Turtle is a relatively new presence in the Hundred Acre Wood, introduced in the "Porcupine's Pen Pal" story of My Friends Tigger & Pooh when he pays his pen pal, Porcupine, a visit. A bit later on in the series, Turtle moves into the Hundred Acre Wood properly. Since then, he has appeared on the program regularly and has been the featured character in a few additional stories.

Turtle used to be voiced by Martin P. Robinson, now is voiced by Mark Hamill, of Star Wars fame. He speaks with an accent like someone who comes from the southeastern United States. He is a stereotypical turtle in that he is well-known for moving extremely slowly. His thick shell provides him protection that allows him to sometimes go places or do things that others would avoid. Turtle is an avid bird watcher and keeps a journal of every bird that he's ever seen.

Turtle has developed something of a friendship with Rabbit. The two regularly meet to play checkers games. In "Rabbit and Turtle's Re-Run", they argued about a race once held by their grandfathers, but when they had their own race, they both helped each other out of tight spots because they were such good friends.

Notable Turtle Stories