"Use Your Words"

Use Your Words is the final book of 18 in the Lessons from the Hundred-Acre Wood series. Published in 2000, the book was written by Sheryl Berk and illustrated by Atelier Philippe Harchy.

The story focuses on Roo, whom Kanga teaches to use his words to express how he feels about things if he's upset or frustrated. When he arrives one day with Piglet for a playdate at Pooh's house, the two find that Pooh is busy searching for a missing honey pot. Pooh and Piglet get so caught up in looking for the honey pot that they forget Roo is there and don't hear his offer to help. Roo leaves, very upset and nothing will cheer him up until he gets home and Kanga tells him that he should use his words to express to Pooh and Piglet how he feels.

This book features two lessons:

If you're feeling blue or hurt
By something someone said
Don't keep it bottled up inside
Just use your words instead!


Even little voices
should be heard.
Always say how you feel!