The very first Winnie the Pooh television series, the 1983 premiere of Welcome to Pooh Corner predates the premiere of the much more well-known and influential The New Adventures of Winnie the Pooh by approximately five years. Welcome to Pooh Corner was broadcast on Disney Channel as a full half-hour series before the addition of commercials to this network. The series has been largely forgotten by most fans of Pooh, due to having been removed from the air entirely in 1997 following the addition of commercial breaks to the Disney Channel and the scant availability of VHS releases (six were released in the U.S. and six in the U.K.), some of which retail on Amazon for as much as $100. Nevertheless, the series is fondly remembered by some fans.

The series presented the characters via both humans in costumes and puppetronics. The narrator was Laurie Main. Hal Smith was the only regular Pooh performer to provide voices for any of the characters, voicing both Pooh and Owl in the series.

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