Winnie the Pooh was a film created by the Walt Disney Corporation and released on July 15th, 2011.



Eeyore loses his tail and Christopher Robin makes everyone gather around to discuss it. Eeyore gets many new tails, such as Balloon (which is red in the 2011 movie), a cuckoo clock, and a red object knitted by Kanga. Christopher Robin suggests that finding Eeyore’s tail should be a contest and lets everyone suggest ideas for prizes. Winnie the Pooh suggests that the prize should be a pot of honey.

Christopher Robin leaves for school and posts a note saying “Back soon” misspelled as “Backson”, leading Pooh and his friends to believe that he was kidnapped by a monster. Owl sings a song describing the Backson and teaches them how to catch it. So they set a Backson trap with a pot of honey and a picnic blanket and set a trail of objects leading to the trap.

Tigger is positive he will catch the Backson. While he hides in a bush he encounters Balloon and Eeyore. He sings It’s Gonna Be Great, which is partially set in Rabbit's Garden.

Attracted by the honeypot, Winnie the Pooh falls into the Backson trap. He dreams of a world made entirely of honey. He wakes up and realizes that he is eating mud instead of honey. All his friends look for him and fall in the trap. They get out using letters from the book.

Christopher Robin returns telling them that he was at school and that they misread the note. Winnie the Pooh dreams that he has been given a large honey pot and is swimming in it. He also finds Eeyore’s tail pinned to Owl's House.

After the credits, the real Backson (complete with a Southern accent) finds the trail of stuff leading to the trap meant for him. He finds a drawing of himself and calls it scary, not knowing it is of him.