Winnie the Pooh EXTREME is an unreleased Winnie the Pooh movie made from 1998 to 2001. The movie was copyrighted in 2002. There were plans to release the film in theaters, but this was cancelled because the studio assumed that the movie would receive poor reviews and would be detonated as worst move of the year 2002. However, a handful of VHS copies of the movie were made in secret, Disney Enterprises not knowing of this ever happening. Winnie the Pooh EXTREME is about how Winnie the Pooh rescues his friends from fire breathing dragons and human-sized bees. The movie has a custom, pointless moral at the end that implies that "Winnie the Pooh is love. Winnie the Pooh is life.".

Story The bees are now anthropomorphic and their queen orders her loyal servants to capture Winnie the Pooh and his friends, then imprison them forever. Pooh and Piglet are strolling through the woods. Queen Bee's 3rd servant Hastings sets a trap to kidnap Pooh with honey but fails. They coincidentally (and rather hilariously) jump over the trap and Hastings is trapped in the honey instead. Queen's second servant Fri orders a battalion of bees to capture all of the hundred acre wood creatures and let a Dragon eat them. Pooh was not captured then rescues his friends, and the dragon escapes. Pooh finds out and goes to the Ber fortress and fights the queen bee. He then says Eh you should have talked to my Friend Roo before being defeated bah Pooh. He winks. Pooh and friends have a party.